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Computer malware has become rampant in this internet age, and thus, it is important to protect your computer against these viruses. Your computer can be infected with a virus when you open an internet ad or email. Computer viruses are a big problem for computers, and there are over 27 million types of viruses on the internet.

However, you can protect your computer by having an antivirus which comes in free and paid packages. When considering the free packages, you may save some cash, but it also comes with a cost. Although free antiviruses can offer protection, they nonetheless cannot offer comprehensive protection. As a result, you have to upgrade to a paid package of the antivirus to get comprehensive protection.

Antiviruses keep your computer safe by preventing attacks from all forms of malware. Your choice of antivirus will depend on the kind of malware you are at risk of getting. Most of the time, the antiviruses run searches on your system to establish if there is any virus and remove it before causing damage, and others can even block malware.

What does paid antivirus offer

Normally antivirus packages range between £20 and £60 depending on the number of licenses one needs. With some paid antivirus packages, you can protect several devices and manage them from a central hub. This implies that you don’t require different antivirus for your various devices

Also, buying an antivirus gives you access to other additional features that are not available in free packages.  You also get other features such as parental controls, password manager, anti-phishing, and safe banking when you access banking services from your browser.

There are security software antivirus suites that can detect and remove viruses but also offers more protection like ant-spyware and firewalls. Equally buying cloud-based antivirus is advantageous because you receive timely updates to help you protect your computer effectively.

Why pay for antivirus

If you are looking for comprehensive protection, getting a paid package is the best way to protect your device. Nowadays, antiviruses are affordable, and various packages suit any device within your budget.