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The World Health Organisation (WHO) has warned that the lack of adequate protective equipment hindering the effective response of countries to the coronavirus outbreak.

The coronavirus pandemic has become a serious public health concern across the globe, and so far over 92,800 people have been infected with 3,200 reported deaths. The virus has spread to over 75 countries across the globe. Outside China, most cases have been reported in Japan, South Korea, Iran, the US and parts of Europe.  

WHO says lack of adequate equipment hindering response to coronavirus

WHO is now indicating that there is a shortage of masks, gloves, and goggles, which is hindering response. According to Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the WHO director-general indicated that every month healthcare workers need around 89 million medical masks, 1.6 million goggles, and 76 million examination gloves to respond to the outbreak.

Ghebreyesus indicated that shortages have left healthcare workers dangerously exposed. The organization has shipped over half a million sets of equipment to around 27 countries, but they are running short of supplies. The world health body indicated that it has been working with manufacturers, pandemic supply chain network and governments to boost production and supply the equipment to high-risk countries. The organization has, however, indicated that supplies need to be increased by around 40% to meet global demand.

Cases of new infection falling in china

Interestingly the warning comes at a time when China has indicated that there is a drop in new cases which raised hope that the outbreak may be leveling off in the country. Although China has been the most hit with the number of infected cases and deaths, new infections have been reducing compared to other places outside the country.

On Tuesday the Chinese National Health Commission confirmed that there were around 115 coronavirus infections and 37 deaths in Hubei. The rest of mainland china only reported four infections and one death according to the NHC. So far, the number of coronavirus infections in China is around 80,280 cases with around 2,981 deaths.