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Who is Sponsoring The Anti Vaccine Movement?

The debate of people who vaccine their kids and people who don’t is always a pain to watch. Both sides think they are right. However, the basis of their claims is very different and it portrays why science needs to be done correctly. It’s very hard to not pick a side in this debate and to remain objective while discussing this matter. Ask any doctor and he will tell you that he won’t let his kids play with kids who weren’t vaccinated. On the contrary, parents who don’t vaccinate their kids would prefer for them to play with vaccinated kids because of the hitchhiker phenomena. If everyone are vaccinated, I don’t need to vaccinate my kids.

I won’t give a detailed explanation on why I believe everyone should vaccinate their kids. I believe in science, diseases that have used to hurt society are now eradicated. But, it seems as in the past few years, with the contribution of several celebrities, the anti-vaccine movement is gaining traction. Let me give you a brief explanation of the major claims of the anti-vaccine camp.

Drug Companies Make Top Dollars Out Of Vaccines

“Drug companies are making a lot of money from vaccines” – this claim is true, however, drug companies would make much more money if someone will actually get a disease the vaccine was meant for. There are a lot of stories about the evil acts of drug companies, but with vaccines it isn’t the case.

Vaccines cause Autism

Andrew Wakefield has published in 1998 an article that suggested there was a link between autism and vaccines. However, he has made his claims based on a study of 12 kids. Anyone who learned statistics knows that this sample is too small to make any scientific avowal. Therefore, the study that pioneered the movement is bogus.

Why I’m Concerned

My notion was that everyone vaccinates their kids. Therefore, when I was talking to my cousin who doesn’t I was shocked. How come a family member, that I consider intelligent, will risk her kids like that? It seems as her involvement in anti vaccines Facebook groups and her passion for alternative medicine has tainted her common sense. Same as the flat earth movement, these groups are immune to criticism, they believe they are right regardless of any serious scientific claims. But who is fueling this struggle, does only private donors give money? the answer is no! There are two major industries that benefit from the anti vaccine movement.

Alternative Medicine

The US Market for alternative medicine is at an all time high. with average growth of 5% a year, this is already a 15 Billion Dollar market. Insurance companies will even pay for alternative treatments that their success is in question. Just watch this video. In it, you will see James Randy taking a fatal dose of homeopathy sleeping pills. As you will see, nothing happens to him. The active part in these pills is so low that it shouldn’t even be considered as a medicine. I don’t want to give the impression that i’m against alternative medicine, i’m just skeptical that it can replace vaccines.

Dietary Supplements

This is already a 50 Billion market. However, there are expectations for it grow to a whooping 270 Billion dollar market in 2024. If you have heard the rumor that vitamin D is more effective than vaccines than you know how much power this industry has. In this article, several anti-vaccines claim are given. For instance, they say that vaccines have a lot of bad chemicals in them, so how come injecting yourself with diseases will make you healthier? it doesn’t seem intuitive but this is exactly how vaccines work. Later in the article they give examples of natural ways to immune yourself: Breastfeeding, Probiotics, Vitamins, Red Reishi, Maitake Mushrooms and Manuka Honey. I have no idea what are some of these items, however, I can see clearly to which industry they belong (except breastfeeding).


I believe that the people who sponsor the anti vaccine movement vaccine their kids. Same as tobacco company ceo’s who don’t smoke. Many parents have lost their children or caused them severe damage because they haven’t vaccinated them. Misinformation is the key, not every debate is just theoretical. The vaccine and anti vaccine debate is very real and has real consequences. I can compare that to the global warming debate, it’s not just a theory that’s being discussed in Ivy league schools. The effects of it are real and can’t be ignored. So, if someone labels you as a soldier of the drug companies in an attempt to not vaccine their kids, you will have an answer for him. It might not be enough to convince him, but I hope that i have helped shed some light on this important phenomena.