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Onecoin is a type of cryptocurrency that is taking on the market these days. It is based on the blockchain-based digital currency that allows you to make payments across the globe. Onecoin was launched by a Bulgarian woman named Ruja Ignatova, who founded OneCoin Limited and OneLife Network Limited. The OneCoin Company has their offices in Hong Kong, Europe, the UAE, and so on.

This cryptocurrency is generated through a mining process, which works on the block-digital currency system. The OneCoin Company sells various educational materials that come with promotional and discounted combos. When the users buy such packages, they get tokens, which are then used to mine onecoins. Through this process, the onecoins are generated. They work exactly like any other cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins, litecoins, ethereum, and so on.

How are the onecoins unique?

The onecoins are quite unique in their structure as they come with a serial number just like paper money. Every onecoin has a unique number, which helps them to remain secure from forgery. The onecoins are finite in number, 120 billion to be exact. The OneCoin Company has its own e-wallet. In this way, they are different from the other cryptocurrencies available across the globe.

They are bitcoins of the future generation. In the near future, the users will be able to make payments through these onecoins and able to transfer them to one or the other from all over the world. Their value is increasing with each passing day. When the company has started working, the value of a onecoin was around 0.5 euro but now, it has reached 20.75 euro.

The OneCoin Company also runs an academy by the name, OneAcademy, which helps you to gather knowledge about the functionality of onecoins and how the users can earn money from their onecoins. They believe that learning comes before earning. The main motive of the academy is to educate the users about cryptocurrency and other services.

How do the onecoins work?

The Onecoin Limited offers various educational materials. The users have to pay for these programs about cryptocurrencies, trading, asset management, stock marketing, and so on. They get tokens for buying such materials and then these tokens are used to mine onecoins. The users can also refer other people to participate in these various programs through a referral code and get earned for the same in return.

Therefore, the OneCoin Limited works on the network marketing system and uses digital currency for it. The users can use this cryptocurrency in many different ways. The users mine their onecoins and get profited according to its value.

OneCoins are one of the best cryptocurrencies in the market as these are more secure and reliable. They have a unique serial number, which protects them from getting forged. The company is also planning to make these onecoins public in the end of the year 2018. This will further enhance the quality of the cryptocurrency as the users would be able to make payments by these coins across the globe.