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School is very important for students because it is not just a place where they can go learn and acquire knowledge but also somewhere where they can seek refuge from abuse. A number of teenagers are suffering from various traumatic stressors and thus some feel lost, neglected, abandoned and are in a state of fear, grief, depression, and anxiety.

For most of these stressed teenagers school turns out to be the only place they feel safe and can develop enduring and trusted relationships. Surprisingly these troubled students find it hard to engage at school. They can attend school with good intentions but end up being defiant, disengaged and demanding unable to study and fail to relate with others. Here are ways teachers can help traumatized students:

Positive communication to enhance relationships

Students facing trauma have issues when it comes to forming relationships and therefore teachers can communicate with them in a positive manner to encourage them to form relationships. It is good to make the students feel safe and wanted for them to develop bonds with others

Use of priming techniques

As a teacher, you can employ priming techniques which will help enhance positive emotions like pride, contentment, and awe. Brain breaks are an amazing technique to help the student in reflecting on the type of energy they want.

The use of character strengths

It has been shown that teaching strengths can enhance student wellbeing and achievement. Student affected by trauma can grow if their character strengths are identified and enhanced such as creativity, and bravery.

Offering choices and building resilience

Trauma affected student will sometime lack control and the best to do to help them is to offer them choices and control in an activity. For instance, you can offer them the option to select a seat, book, and exercise among other things. You can also teach such students resilience strategies that can help them through situations and deal with negative messages that they encounter.

Using counseling

Teachers can be empathetic to the trauma-affected students and offer them counseling on how they can handle situations. Counseling can help the student open up with the issues they are facing and thus help the teacher understand how to best help the student.