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The US Navy has labeled then acts of a Chinese destroyer that fired a military-grade laser at its Navy patrol aircraft unsafe and a contravention of an international agreement. The Navy P-8A surveillance plane was flying over the Pacific when the alleged incident occurred.

China’s actions contravene international agreements

The US Pacific Navy fleet indicated in a statement on Thursday that the actions of China’s military warship were unprofessional and unsafe. The navy said that such actions violate the Code for Unplanned Encounters at Sea (CUES) agreement signed in 2014at the Western Pacific Naval symposium. The multilateral agreement aimed at minimizing the possibilities’ of having an incident at sea.

Similarly, the actions of the Chinese warship were inconsistent with an MoU between the US Defense Department and China’s Ministry of National Defense regarding the rules of behavior for the safety of maritime and air encounters.

The statement further indicated that the military-grade lasers are dangerous and could harm mariners and aircrew and also the aircraft and ship systems. A sensor onboard the P-8A patrol aircraft detected the laser. The laser beams, sometimes called dazzlers, emit a strong beam of light that travels great distances, and it is used to illuminate cockpits of airplanes, which can temporarily blind pilots.

The US to issue a formal protest against china’s actions

The Defense Department has indicated that it will issue a formal diplomatic protest called demarche. The actions of the Chinese come amid claims of on-going tensions between its military and that of the US. Over the past, the Pentagon has warned that China is a threat to regional security, indicating that its investments in the military are aimed at gaining regional dominance.

At the beginning of this month, US Defense Secretary Mark Esper stated that the US has been watching China seize and militarize several islands in the South China Sea, and it has been modernizing its armed forces. Equally, they have been seeking the latest technologies to change the landscape of powers as well as tip the world in their favor at the expense of others.