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A couple in the UK has been making news globally because of their rare set of twins. Rhys Weaver and Rebecca Roberts’ parents had been trying to conceive for a year when they got pregnant with their first child.

And then they were two

According to CNN, the first sonogram showed that Rebecca was pregnant with only one child. It was a boy who the couple named Noah.

However, three months into the pregnancy, something unusual happened. The doctor discovered Noah’s twin sister, who they named Rosalie. Rebecca tells CNN how crazy it is that she got pregnant while she was pregnant. 

According to Melissa Conrad Stoppler, a medical journalist and writer, Superfetation is a rare case of a pregnant woman conceiving for a second time. The condition occurs when an egg is fertilized in a uterus that has an already existing embryo. It is pretty different from multiple gestations or twinning because the fetuses, in this case, have different ages and due dates. The condition is common in animals, but it rarely happens in humans, with only 10 cases recorded in medical history.

Dr. Lilian Schapiro, an Atlanta gynecologist, explained that the first egg was fertilized normally in Rebbeca’s case. Rebecca then ovulated again during the pregnancy leading to another egg being fertilized. 

Unusual attachment

Dr. Schapiro added that the second egg might have attached itself in a way that doctors did not imagine was possible and managed to grow. Since the couple had only been trying to get pregnant for a year, doctors had recommended only one dose of fertility drugs to aid with ovulation. While the drugs might have helped the rare concurrence, Rebecca still believes it’s a “medical marvel.”

Rebecca is proud of her twins and has constantly been sharing their pictures on Instagram. The Hill reveals that Rebecca delivered both baby Rosali and Noah on the same day through Caesarean section on September 17.