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How often do you remember the names and faces of people you have met previously? At one time or another, we have all found ourselves in a similar struggle. But listen, did you know a good night’s sleep has an impact on your remembrance of names? Yes. According to study results published by the journal NPJ: Science of Learning, it does.

And from another study conducted by psychology and neuroscience experts, uninterrupted slumber and a deep sleep gave people better clarity and reflection. In this, recorded audio was used to enhance the activation of their memories, which would later be played when the study subjects were sleeping.

Could this be why the Japanese take naps on benches in Hibiya Park, central Tokyo? Probably yes. Experts recommend using a specialized device called the electroencephalogram (EEG) in the reading of any electrical activity present in the brain. The electrode transfer approach on it works best in neurological observations.

Sleep, Learning, and Memory. Impact of Good Night’s Sleep

“It’s a new and exciting finding about sleep, because it tells us that the way information is reactivated during sleep to improve memory storage is linked with high-quality sleep,” Whitmore, a doctoral student at Northwestern University in Evanston, Ill commented.

Scientists aren’t entirely sure why we sleep. Hence it is still a mysterious part of people’s lives. This also makes understanding sleep, learning, and memory a complex affair. However, according to animal and human studies, the quality and quantity of sleep have a profound impact on them. Different types of memories are formed in new learning situations. Nonetheless, the relationship between the consolidation of different types of memories and the various stages of sleep is still not clear to date.

That said, the impacts of a good night’s sleep include;

  • Ability to maintain focus and attention due to well-rested neurons
  • Ability to make sound decisions because of accuracy in assessing situations, planning accordingly, and choosing the correct behavior.
  • Sound judgment, thanks to processing and retaining the information that has been learned.
  • Synchronized body’s organ systems

So next time you find yourself trying to recall someone’s name, quickly review your sleeping patterns.