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As a teacher, you should be aware of how the kids learn and think. Practical training is, therefore, necessary because of the different teaching believes and learning processes.

Crafting knowledge and improvising to help children learn

Learning is said to be enhanced in children after short sessions of exercise as it improves coordination of the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Equally, after eating sugary foods children tend to be less observant. Teachers only know how children learn from the perspective of crafting knowledge and not the science behind it.

Most situations that a teacher encounters are unpredictable and as such the teacher has to improvise. The response of a child to a new situation depends on the teacher’s belief regarding emotions, cognition as well as motivation.

More often a good number of teachers can forget most of what they learned and this is seen in their preparation. The lack of retention demonstrates that teacher coursework poorly predicts the outcomes of students. The licensure test scores taken as a reflection of student outcome are actually a gauge for the cognitive ability of the teacher.

Necessary teaching reforms

It is meaningless therefore to have teachers pass a grade to be licensed and require course work when traditional teacher preparation is all they need. The requirements are just costly for no good reason and they potentially lock out other candidates.

Therefore education needs to be refocused and instead of emphasizing on abstract theory more should be done regarding practical knowledge. There is optimism however that understanding the science of learning by teachers can actually improve student outcomes regardless of there being little evidence showing the same.

The challenge will nevertheless be on what teachers themselves learn and how they do it since the focus is given on learning content that will create future scientists and not practitioners.  At the same time, teachers get little practice of the concept that they are supposed to teach.