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Taxi-hailing services company Uber has suspended accounts of around 240 Mexican users as it tries to curb the spread of coronavirus. This comes after the company learned that the users had contact with two drivers thought to have been spreading the virus.

Uber suspends accounts on concerns of coronavirus infection

The coronavirus outbreak has been a major concern in various countries because of its quick nature of spreading. It originated in a wildlife market in Wuhan province in China, and there is still little information about the virus.

So far, there are no confirmed cases of coronavirus infection, as the previously suspected nine cases, all turned negative. Two of the nine suspicious cases were in the capital, but after several tests, they were ruled out. So far, there have been over 250 deaths in China with thousands of infections.

Uber indicated in a statement that two of its drivers might have come into contact with a passenger who might have been infected with the virus. There were around 240 passengers who came in contact with the drivers, and thus the company chose to suspend their accounts. Uber stated that it had sent information to the users and drivers regarding the suspension and informed them to contact health authorities should they develop symptoms.

Coronavirus a global emergency

On Thursday, the World Health Organisation declared the outbreak an international health emergency. The virus has spread beyond China to almost 20 countries, including the US, Japan, and France.

The coronavirus, like most respiratory infections, spreads through droplets from sneezes and coughs. Its incubation period ranges from one to 14 days, and in some cases, it can spread before the symptoms show.

Various companies such as Facebook, Apple, Amazon, and Google have suspended non-essential travel to China. For instance, Facebook, which placed restrictions on traveling to China, also directed its employees working in China to work from home. Last week Mexican state news agency Notimex reported that some of the Mexican students who were studying in china had returned.