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Civic education was a key focus in the speech that U.S Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. gave during his federal judiciary year-end statement. He also pointed the finger at social media as one of the key reasons.

In his speech, Roberts pointed out that there has been a lack of proper civic education. He also noted major problems such as the spread of false information that has been deeply rooted thanks to social media. The Chief Justice believes that civic education is important now more than ever in combatting some of the issues through civic education.

Roberts was vocal about the misuse of the internet to spread propaganda, and this is one of the reasons why he has been pushing for better civic education. He believes that more can be done towards sensitizing members of the society about sensitive issues regarding governance and how the law is designed to support and protect citizens.

According to the U.S Chief Justice, civic education plays a central role in helping the public to understand the government as well as the rights afforded to them by the government. Roberts also believes that Americans have been taking democracy for granted. His comments about fake news and civic education come in the wake of concerns by some of the U.S lawmakers about the rampant nature of fake news aimed at creating a divide in the country’s political landscape prior to the upcoming elections this year.

Roberts stated that the Federal courts have been working towards forming educative products and programs aimed not only at enhancing people’s understanding of the government but also making sure that people air out their opinions. The Chief Justice revealed in his statement that some judges have been participating in civic outreach as part of the efforts aimed at boosting civic education. He mentioned Sandra Day O’Connor, a former Supreme Court judge who launched a non-profit organization that donates resources to students.

Roberts has also been vocal about the independent nature of the judiciary and how this contributes to positive performance, stability, and national cohesion. He also encouraged judges to maintain the efforts aimed at boosting public confidence in the judicial system.