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Around 64% of pet owners prepare unique food for their dogs at least three times per week.

Nearly 50% of vegan or vegetarian dog owners provide a similar diet for their furry pals, according to a study of 2,000 dog lovers that examined how their personal dietary preferences correspond to that of their pets. Likely to give their pets a particular diet depending on their own, 68% of people with other food requirements do the same.

Various dog breeds have different preferences. 

One size doesn’t fit everything whenever it comes to dog food, according to nearly 75% of pet owners, and 67% are aware that various dog breeds may have distinct food preferences. So it’s not surprising that 61% of dog owners believe their dog has special nutritional requirements compared to certain other dogs.

According to data gathered by OnePoll and Ollie, over half of the pet owners presently feed their dogs human things, including chicken, eggs, and cheese, which together account for 37% of the data (34%).

The majority of responders (62%) think that their pet’s diet is comparable to their own, and 45% of those who prepare meals for dogs also prepare meals for themselves. However, two-thirds of respondents acknowledge they desire to be a little more adventurous with their pet’s diet by giving it things like blueberries (36%) or bacon (36%) or carrots (34%).

Caution is necessary when preparing dog food. 

Pet owners are nonetheless aware that because the pets’ digestive systems differ from our own, we shouldn’t feed them the same things we eat. They may become ill from certain foods, and they require specialized nutrients.

According to Bridget Meadows, head of foods at Ollie, dogs may eat a range of foods that people love too, like fruits and vegetables, lean protein like eggs, chicken, and fish, and some delights like peanut butter, popcorn, and cheese are OK in limited, appropriate amounts. Any preparation or cooking that is rich in fat, salt, or sugars must be avoided. Gentle preparation methods with little oil, butter, or seasonings make the items easier to digest for both meats and vegetables.