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It seems like Jared Kushner, President Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser to the president is now a coronavirus expert. This came after he appeared with the COVID-19 task force in the daily press briefing.

Is Kushner a liaison of the COVID-19 task force 

During the briefing Vice President, Mike Pence said that Kushner was going to address the media since he was tasked by the coronavirus taskforce to work with FEMA on various supply chain concerns. Pence explained that over the past few weeks Kushner has been heading a working group, collaborating with FEMA, which has identified various medical supplies across the country and globally. The vice president said that they were grateful for Kushner’s leadership as well as efforts.

However, it appears that Kushner has put himself on the center stage to lead and coordinate the government’s coronavirus response even though he doesn’t have any qualifications. He is not an infectious disease expert or a doctor and has neither any experience of running a large organization to take this leading role.

On Friday The New York Times reported that because of Kushner’s unique status in Trump’s administration he has insinuated himself as the lead person for most agency officials that know he can push action as well as make decisions without having to go to the President. Although Kushner and his supporters believe they have brought order to the situation, the response of the government nonetheless is still fragmented.

Kushner has been a key figure in Trump’s administration

Kushner is not new in these kinds of scenarios and he assumes a powerful role due to his status of being Trump’s son-in-law. In Trump’s early days Kushner was christened the “Secretary of everything” considering he was running the show and hand a hand in everything that was happening in the White House. 

He contradicted what the Strategic National Stockpile stands for by indicating that it is supposed to be the federal government’s stockpile and not the state’s stockpile. It seems Kushner can say or do whatever he wants just because he is the president’s son-in-law.