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Following the attack on Saudi Arabia’s oil facilities over the weekend, President Trump has indicated that the US is “locked and loaded.” The use of the phrase seemed to indicate that the US was ready to strike back. He, however, retaliated that the US will respond once it has heard from the Saudi Government on the terms to proceed with.

Trump criticized for seeking Saudi opinion on oil facility attacks

Trump’s twitter message provided incredible insight into the deference that he gives the royal family. This caused mixed reactions and criticism from those who have for long accused him from doing Saudi Arabia’s biding while overlooking the kingdom’s violation of human rights and international standards.

In a tweet, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii stated that the president waits for instructions from his Saudi master. He added that there is nothing “America First” in having the US do the bidding of Saudi Arabia. New Jersey’s Rep. and former Assistant Secretary of State, Tom Malinowski said that he was baffled that the US is allowing Saudi Arabia to dictate its foreign policy. He said it seems Trump is not aware of how submissive his suggestion makes him look.

Iran blamed for attacks

US State Secretary Mike Pompeo accused Iran on the attack on oil facilities. In a tweet, he indicated that Iran had launched an unprecedented attack on the global energy supply. Saudi authorities have not directly blamed Tehran for the damage caused on their facilities but exuded their confidence that Iranian weapons were in play. The Foreign Ministry of Saudi Arabia stated that currently, investigations are on-going to establish where the striker originated from.

President Trump has always considered the Saudis as a special case because of their economic import and other consideration. On Monday he said that investigations are on-going, but they so much want to avoid war with Tehran but if worse comes to worst the US is ready. On whether the US will commit forces to address the issue is the most critical decision that Trump could make. However, his comment shows that he is outsourcing the decision.