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Coronavirus outbreak has now turned into a global threat. Very rapidly, it has crossed the American borders. Just as it has badly hit China and Italy’s economy, the spread of Coronavirus has also resulted in the American stock market facing a decline. It is time that the Trump administration looks into this problem and come up with a solution to handle this both economical and social debacle. But he seems to be more politically focused, making his position safe accusing the Democrats and the media for the crisis that looms ahead of the US. 

Trump Administration Under Scrutiny

The President of the US Trump should put the Coronavirus threat and its impact on the country’s economy at the forefront. However, the billionaire businessman instead has focused on a deflection campaign to win his battles by flinging disinformation and making attacks on his opposition members. Until now, more than 560 people have been found positive for Coronavirus in America, and numbers are expected to grow in the upcoming few days.     

This is the time to take firm steps and actions, and Trump administration has no option but to come up with alternatives to halt the rapid decline in global stock markets. The political team at the White House is trying to exhibit a glorious picture, whereas the public health officials are well aware of the actual realistic scenario. As a result, there is a growing distrust between these two groups.

Trump Downplaying Threat May Lead To Serious Consequences

As the deaths due to Coronavirus in the US reaches 22, Trump is yet to get serious about it. In one of his tweets, the US President wrote, “So much FAKE NEWS!” about the prevailing condition as is being depicted by the media. The first case of Coronavirus was confirmed in Washington, D.C., and now it has also spread to new areas. According to the latest reports, Missouri and Kansas have also reported new cases. 

Most of the deaths have occurred in the American capital after the virus spread through Seattle’s nursing facility among the residents. Despite new figures coming up every day, Trump is not ready to accept the reality and has insisted that the problem is not as serious as is being depicted by the Democratic lawmakers and media reports.