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It is anticipated that the US President, Donald Trump might escalate the trade war with China before the midterm elections.

Trump, as surrounded with legal proceedings, is trying to turn the shift the focal from his legal setbacks to the more awaited US-China trade war. He is looking for ways to maintain his political position before the midterm elections that are going to be held in coming November this year.

The result of ongoing trade war might escalate the conflict that is going on between the two largest economies of the world.

Mr. Trump has been hit hard by two legal setbacks one after the other in a row. The first involved Paul Manafort, his former campaign chairman, who is charged with eight criminal offences and the other, revolves around Michael Cohen, his former lawyer, who has pleaded guilty for Trump for paying off the sex workers to silence them from speaking in public.

The lawyer has made public statements regarding the eight offences put up by the court. His has implicated Trump in all these illegal proceedings with two women.  This all proceedings have forced Trump to come up in public and spoke about his part of the story.

The news has gained fuel about his impeachment also. Mr. Trump is now looking for ways to distract his voters from the legal proceedings.

He has turned to trade pressures to keep his economy buffer. An analyst of the Economic Intelligence Unit, Nick Marro explained that Trump has deployed his geopolitics for his domestic tool. He is using the trade talk as a diversion.

If that is happening for his personal gain, then the discussions at the negotiation front would take a bad turn.

This decision has yet to be taken if the trade talk between the countries is happening or not.