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Today, there are more crypto-based jobs available than non-crypto ones. Positions working with blockchain technology also pay better. On an average, people working in the cryptocurrency department earn at least 22% more than people working in other sectors. Right from journalists to engineers, the cryptocurrency industry has created jobs that require a wide range of skill set.

So, what is cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency is digital coins that make use of cryptography for security. But, unlike traditional money, cryptocurrency is not backed by any financial institution like banks or any government. The first cryptocurrency was Bitcoin, followed by many others like ether.

What are the skills needed for a job in cryptocurrency?

As you have guessed correctly, a job in cryptocurrency universe requires certain level of tech skills. Many job calling state some basic requirements or hard skills like understanding computer languages like Java, Python, C/C++, artificial intelligence, Node.js, etc.

But, there are jobs for people who are not well-versed with the above as well. There is a value for soft skills like problem-solving abilities, creativity, communication, etc. for individuals who are team players, self-motivated and entrepreneurial in nature.

Jobs in cryptocurrency

The cryptocurrency job market is rising slowly. There has been an increase in jobs that mention blockchain, bitcoin or cryptocurrency by almost 200% in the last one year. Some of these jobs include:

  1. Data Scientist

Blockchain technology is a new field and has not been understood much till now. Therefore, there is a huge requirement for people with in-depth knowledge about data science. The job will be to analyze transaction data to help engineers smoothen experiences.

Requirement: A master’s degree in computer or data science. Strong communication and analytical skills are added advantages.

  1. Financial Analyst

Certain companies like insurance agencies and private investors look to invest in cryptocurrency. The job of the analyst would require him/her to maintaining investment portfolios, evaluating risks, develop investment strategies, recommending investment, etc.

Requirement: A financial analyst must hold a bachelor’s degree as well as a license from the Financial Regulation Authority. A certification as a Chartered Financial Analyst is an added bonus. Other than these, math and computer Security architect and analytical personality will surely land you the job.

  1. Business development representative

Just like a new field, cryptocurrency is now creating new business opportunities in fields like real estate, finance, healthcare, etc. There is a need for people to close deals and encourage product partnership.

Requirement: Prior experience in sales and great communication skills. Understanding the world of cryptocurrency is the icing on the cake.

  1. Journalist

As a journalist, your main responsibility would be to gather the latest happenings in the world of cryptocurrency. You might be reporting for yourself, your company, or your brand. Spreading the latest cryptocurrency happenings around the world is your primary concern.

Requirement: A bachelor’s in journalism degree and internship at a magazine or newspaper will suffice to get you a cryptocurrency job. You writing samples should be top-notched.

Bottom line

Likewise, there are many more perfect jobs if you are truly interested to work and earn while staying connected to the world of cryptocurrency. But, whatever job you go for, you need to make sure you get your basic cryptocurrency facts correct and on point.