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Personal trainers often encounter the common concern of fitness progress stalling. Many individuals anticipate noticeable results from their workouts, but plateaus can be disheartening. However, there are effective strategies to reinvigorate progress. It’s crucial to understand that the body adapts to diet and exercise, leading to diminishing returns over time. To maintain progress in weightlifting, it’s advisable to introduce changes in exercise and training routines once the body starts adapting.

Interestingly, there are several training variables that one can adjust to stimulate advancement, but three key factors that are guaranteed to maintain a steady stream of results include using drops sets, one’s effort, and eccentric-focused training.

Using drops sets 

Bodybuilders have used drop sets effectively for years. Start with your usual workout weight and, at the end of a set, immediately reduce the weight for more reps. Don’t push to complete failure in every workout, but occasional drop sets can enhance results. This technique works with machines and free weights, but planning ahead for barbell exercises is important to save time. Use smaller plates for quick weight adjustments during barbell drop sets.

Eccentric focused training

Eccentric-Focused Tempo Training emphasizes the often overlooked aspect of weightlifting, which is the slow and controlled lowering of weights during the eccentric phase of a lift. This method challenges individuals to work harder and can lead to improved results compared to solely focusing on the concentric phase.

Focusing on the eccentric phase, known as “negatives,” involves a slow descent and explosive ascent, typically with a 3:1 ratio. It’s a humbling experience, requiring lighter weights. Pausing in the stretched position increases tension. This method leads to quicker fatigue but reduces the need for many exercises, saving time and reducing joint strain

One’s effort

The most crucial factor in exercise and life is the level of effort. Many people fail to see results because they merely go through the motions. To change one’s body, it is necessary to put more effort. While not every workout can be 100%, giving the best daily, and viewing workouts as a path to transformation, not just a task to complete can enhance results.