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Quality education is one of the many things, which every American parent is pursuing their children. Besides, education is perhaps one of the most important assets you can give to your children. This alone explains the need for efficient class management, which in most cases, translates into student achievement in their studies.

While there is no outline of delivering quality education, a good and conducive environment is must-have for every institution. On the other hand, the teachers should adopt teaching techniques, which they can apply to make the classroom environment efficient.

The effectiveness of mentorship

We have all had a mentor either formerly or otherwise who took us through a crisis or just normal life issues. Mentorship builds not only confidence but also the assurance that all will be well, and it is applicable form any angle.

In the early days of teaching, new teachers received mentorship during lunch hours in the staffroom from experienced teachers. It also happened during teaching practices and from the professor who directed them. News teachers were also given monthly meetings where they would express their struggles and challenges, and their supervisors would give them appropriate feedback on how to deal with them.

However, the ball game is different whereby the motto is ‘’One for himself and God for us all.’’ This means most new teachers are left to feed for themselves even though there is so much for them to learn.

What are the rules of mentorship to help new teachers succeed?

Face to face feedback is priceless, especially if it is coming from a person you are looking up to for guidance. For mentorship to work: –

  • Create convenience. Match the mentees with the best mentors, who will nature them to the next level. Let it not just be for convenience, for example, checking which teacher is available even if their subjects are not in line with those of the new teacher.
  • Let there be a comprehensive schedule for the mentor and mentee. Mentorship is an important task; hence it should not just be fixed during free time break time or after teaching hours.
  • Use the available tools to implement it, including policies and procedures.