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No doubt, having siblings might significantly influence a child’s growth. However, does having a brother influence a child’s development of a distinct personality versus having a sister? According to recent collaborative research, the sexuality of siblings doesn’t significantly affect people’s personalities as adults.

The gender of the sibling doesn’t impact the personality 

Siblings frequently spend the majority of adolescence together. Notably, siblings might drive one another crazy, but they also watch out for one another and frequently have common interests and viewpoints. Therefore, it stands to reason that they might continue to have an impact on one another’s personalities far into adulthood.

Surprisingly scientists at the University of Zurich, Victoria University of Wellington, and Leipzig University think otherwise, especially when it comes to the gender of the sibling. 

The topic has been under study, with several studies focusing on whether sisters and brothers influence the level of gender conformity characteristics adoption. These characteristics would be seen by society as usually male or feminine. However, each of those prior efforts ultimately produced conflicting or unsatisfactory results.

The researcher’s statistical study of the data showed no consistent relationship between sibling genders and a variety of personality qualities, including patience, emotional stability, and social competence. Importantly, this result was consistent across all included nations and cultures.

Siblings don’t influence personality in adulthood.

Co-author of the study Dr. Julia Rohrer said that the results disprove the notion that having sisters or brothers as children leads to the long-term development of personal attributes that are viewed as “feminine” or “masculine” in a community. Sibling’s influence on personality is relatively minor, according to current studies. For instance, prior research by the science team in Leipzig indicates that sibling status, such as whether a child is the firstborn or a middle child, doesn’t significantly influence personality.

The study’s authors point out that these findings don’t imply that sibling sex has no bearing on lifetime outcomes. According to previous economic research that concentrated on the US and Denmark, women having brothers typically earn less.