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President Donald Trump’s trade war with China has led to economic fallout in the US. This appears as an opportunity that Democratic presidential aspirants are seeking to exploit to dent Trump’s 2020 election bid.

Trade tariffs hurting American farmers

However, it seems it has not worked despite almost all the presidential hopefuls condemning the on-going tariff war. The tariff exchanges are hurting US farmers, businesses, and consumers, and the democrats have equally not shown how different they will do things. They are not speaking in one voice even as the world markets spin and consumer prices on imports from China continue to skyrocket. The largest causalities of the tariff war are farmers who have lost their largest export market.

Farmers are anxious about the on-going trade war with China, but that doesn’t mean they are ditching Trump. Famers from Iowa indicate that they don’t have any control over the trade war and they are ready to be strong to navigate through it.

American farmers want free trade, not aid

The trade war has escalated since the beginning of last year. In August, Beijing indicated that they would stop buying American products. For over year, the Trump Administration has depended on two financial packages of around $28 billion to help adversely affected farmers by the tariff war.

According to Angela Hofmann, the co-director of Farmers for Free Trade, American farmers wish to have free trade and not aid. She has been touring rural America to advocate for the United States-Mexico-Canada trade agreement, which is the renegotiated North American Free Trade Deal.

Trump may be determined to overhaul then trade relation of the US, but that is hurting farmers. China’s retaliatory actions have affected farmers in battleground states such as Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. As it stands, things seem gloomy for Trump as 2020 approaches.

Democrats in Congress have always been critical of the national security and economic threat China poses. The presidential candidates have also been struggling to pass their hard-line positions without being seen to be adopting Trump’s bullying ways.