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For many years now, people have used gemstones or crystals to treat various mental and physical diseases. However, scientists argue that these gemstones do not have any real medicinal value and that people could be experiencing placebo effects. Despite this, others point out that scientists don’t have the tools to investigate how gemstones could treat illnesses.

Popular gemstones for treating diseases

While there might not be sufficient evidence to support the therapeutic effect of gemstones, people still use them to relieve their ailments. One of the most popular gemstones used is the blue topaz. This stone is supposed to alleviate mental and physical tensions enabling you to focus on emotions, thoughts and solve issues. People also use it to absorb heat and remove the pain caused by arthritis and other inflammatory diseases.

Many people believe that clear quartz can detoxify organs and cleanse the immune system. The stone also promotes mental health by eliminating negative energy that affects the body’s spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical aspects.

Another stone with healing properties is rose quartz. This stone removes impurities in the body, thus promoting heart health. Women also use it to enhance their fertility and prevent miscarriage.

The aquamarine gemstone lowers confusion leading to calmness and courage. People also use it to relieve allergic reactions, teeth, eye, and digestive issues. Like rose quartz, it protects a pregnant mother from miscarriage.

Pearls, a crystal used to represent the 30th wedding anniversary, symbolize sincerity and purity. People believe that they relieve bloating and reduce childbirth pains. They also reduce stress and restore sleep.

What scientists say about crystals

There is little evidence to support the medicinal properties of gemstones. Moreover, a study conducted in 1880 by Jack and Pierre Curie found that putting pressure on them could generate electricity. While this electricity could have a negligible impact on the body, scientists doubt this could cause healing.

Despite no scientific evidence on the benefits of gemstones, many psychologists use them to treat mental health as they have a strong placebo effect. However, they are used in conjunction with other treatments and under close supervision.