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Nowadays, American Express has turned a bit aquatic. This credit card company is going to issue a credit card that will be made by recycling the trash from the ocean. Currently, American Express is working with a company that offers design consulting services, namely Parley, and they are discussing making the products, which are more environmentally friendly.

Right now, only a prototype of this card is available but after one year this card is going to become functional as mentioned by the General Manager and Vice President of Global Benefits And Premium Products at American Express, namely Janie Whiteside. She also mentioned that their company wishes to play a unique and significant role in a matter that is of due importance to the lives of their card members.

Efforts taken by American Express for creating awareness

Even though credit cards are not discarded like various other items made of plastic, they cannot be recycled as they are made by using various types of plastic. Currently, there are 636 million cards in circulation that have been provided from the major networks of credit cards, that is, Discover DFS, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Consumers are allowed to keep these credit cards for a very long term.

Credit cards created from the plastic trash in the ocean will not make much impact on minimizing the plastic that is there in the oceans but still, the efforts that have been put in by the American Express company are worthy of appreciation as they are creating mass awareness regarding environmental issues.

The company is also planning to phase out the use of coffee stirrers and plastic straws near the company’s airport lounge in the upcoming 30 days. This will eliminate the use of single-use plastic in the coming years.