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It is a common phenomenon that when something new impacts the market, it is bound to encounter some hesitant users. But, they actually bring in quite some enormous social and economic changes and benefits.

Just like three decades ago, or even more recently when the dot-com collapsed, it would have been tough to imagine that there would be a small number of technological companies like Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Google bringing such economic and social changes. Additionally, the challenges they would be bringing along these positive changes were not always those that they would have imagined.

Similarly, a lot has been talking about the future of cryptocurrency and its uses in the past few months. Some people are concerned with issues like lack of acceptability, exposure to manipulation and volatility are being questioned. But, as we have seen in the past, these issues can easily be overcome. These concerns are not likely to be long-term issues.

Most of these issues stem directly from illiquidity. Once there is enough liquidity, these problems will disappear. There are many good reasons why liquidity will improve greatly in the near or medium term.

Likely, cryptocurrency will replace currency by 2030

According to many experts in this field, cryptocurrency is here to stay. It has been predicted that cryptocurrency will replace all 25% of national currencies in the coming few years. This is because there are no middlemen involved when it comes to transacting cryptocurrency between the buyer and the seller.

In the past few years, we have seen the exponential rise of cryptocurrencies, which means that there is a new set of class emerging alongside the traditional global economy. Therefore, it is to be expected to see an increase in new investments from crypto finance.

Its value will continue to be cyclical

While it is true that the Bitcoin has taken a dip in the past couple of months, there are also many other different types of cryptocurrencies that are vying for the spotlight. But, that does not imply that the overall cryptocurrency market is going to crash.

Demand for cryptocurrency ATMs

The need for ATMs specifically designed to cater the needs of cryptocurrency users is rising. While most of these users prefer to avoid centralized financial institutions like banks, others are just looking to access assets that are tied-up fast while on the move.

There are many firms that are targeting cryptocurrency users already. With ATM companies already trying to build customer relationships outside the regular norm, it is quite understandable that the crypto-market is building up slowly and steadily.

While it is true that currently, cryptocurrency is not viable for use on a large scale yet, continuous work and research in technology have been going on for a very long time now. The ingenuity originating at the crypto-space is extremely encouraging. The amount of development in this field has been very positive as well. If this goes on, crypto assets will have a very high probability to be successful in the long term and the markets will be much safer from potential threats like hackers.