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The COVID-19 pandemic has already claimed a significant number of lives on top of bringing the world economy to its knees. Analysts have given out reports that the virus has been infecting and killing black Americans at an alarming rate. The counties that are densely populated by blacks have been affected adversely as compared to those with a majority of Whites. That is according to the available census demographics and the post-analysis.

Reports indicate that the sections with a majority of blacks have been experiencing three times infection rates as compared to the segments with the whites. In terms of deaths, those sections have been experiencing six times the rate in those areas where the majority is Whites.

The state of affairs in Milwaukee County is worrying. It is a section where blacks account for 26 percent of the population. The shocking attribute is the percentage of African Americans that have lost their lives. Reports place the number of dead African Americans at a figure of about 70 percent.

There is a pretty similar disparity in the state of Louisiana where many African Americans have lost their lives. The actual figure of the African Americans that died stood at 70 percent. According to statistics, this group forms about 32 percent of the total population in the State. Almost similar trends have been witnessed in Illinois, Michigan, and Chicago.

President Donald Trump has given a public address outlining that data being obtained is shocking. He thinks that it doesn’t make sense why the COVID-19 pandemic could hit the country along the racial disparity lines. Trump was speaking at the White House where he outlined that the government was doing everything within its means to combat the virus. The president acknowledged that the virus was indeed an enormous challenge in their way.

Trump also said that the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Anthony S. Fauci was looking at the matter with seriousness. Fauci has also spoken concerning the matter outlining that the disparities were intriguing. He said that the best thing the government could do was to provide the best health care to African Americans.