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After the midterm elections, tensions will only get worse as the experts are saying at the moment. The elections would not be problematic at all but the outcome is going to affect badly for global trade if the Democrats would come in power of the House.

Washington would lose the capability for doing anything and the situation would not be better than now after the midterm elections. If the negotiations around NAFTA deal are not going to be concluded within 30 days, it would be carry out to next Congress. There are high chances that the Democrats would take control of the U.S. House due to their past multiple victories, as predicted by the senior adviser of McLarty Associates.

The result would not be in the favor of the U.S. President Donald Trump of the midterm elections as per many predictions. The outcome will be worse for the agendas planned by Trump such as the NAFTA deal with Mexico & Canada and the ongoing trade war with China. The administration would have to drop eventually everything as the control would slip from their hands.

As the discussions with Canada could not reach a conclusion in the last meeting and therefore, the two countries are set to meet again for the same this week. On the other hand, Trump has already planned to make a deal within a span of 90-days with or even without Canada.

The associate director at Cato Institute, Simon Lester also shared the same sentiments as of Okun regarding the midterm elections. He pointed out that the result would be worse for trade negotiations.

The entire administration is now worried about the results as it would get affected if the other party takes over the control. The elections are going to be held on November 6 at the end of this year.