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On Monday teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg delivered a great speech at in which he called world leaders for their inaction regarding climate change. She has however drawn criticism from social media and television commentators.

President Trump makes fun of teenage Climate activist

She also caught the attention of US President Donald Trump, who made fun of her. In a tweet, Trump said that Thunberg, who had just moved the audience at the UN Climate Summit, had stolen his dreams and childhood with empty words. He said she was a happy young lady with a bright and wonderful future ahead.

Others have also ridiculed and dismissed her words. For instance, conservative critic Michael Knowles called Thunberg a “mentally ill Swedish child” on Fox News. It seems like the disgraceful comments from Knowles was about the 16-year old having an autism spectrum disorder called Asperger’s syndrome. Fox has however indicated that they regret the comment made by Knowles and they had no plans of inviting him back. However, advocates have said the attacks such as what Thunberg is facing are a common occurrence to autistic people.

Dinesh D’Souza another conservative commentator likened Thunberg’s image to that used in Nazi propaganda. He indicated that children, especially the Nordic white girls with red cheeks and long braids, were part of the Nazi propaganda.

Thunberg advocating against climate change

Despite the attacks, Thunberg has received her message continues to reverberate across the world. Fox News host Laura Ingraham said that her speech at the summit was chilling. She ran a segment on how climate change frenzy is transforming American youth.

Thunberg received credo for her work of helping pile pressure on Global leaders to take action on the issue of climate change with what started as a one-person school strike in Sweden. She received praise when she testified in congress early this month. She had traveled from the UK to the US in a solar-powered yacht. Last week President Obama referred to her as the greatest advocate of our planet.