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America has an unrivaled love interest with their preferred munchies regarding food. According to a study of 2,000 American adults, more than 50% of them would wed their favorite cuisine if it were an individual. Only one-third of people characterize their romantic relationships as “spicy” and “juicy,” while one-fourth describe them as “bitter” and “bland.”

Around 54% of Americans agree with the assertion, “I’d do anything to enjoy my favorite foods,” whenever it was put to them. On the other hand, some people would voluntarily confront their worst phobias, such as speaking in front of groups of people (27%), lightning and thunder (26%), spiders or bugs (25%), and heights (25%) if it means having easy accessibility to their preferred foods.

Half of Americans are ready to sacrifice important aspects of their lives 

The survey, which OnePoll carried out on request of TUMS, also revealed that over 50% of Americans might be prepared to sacrifice important aspects of their way of life if it means having unrestricted access to their preferred foods. In addition, some people would do extreme activities like skydiving (29%) or racing with the bulls (27%), while others would forgo holiday days or media platforms.

A third of the respondents admit to taking food from their office fridge that’s not theirs since it was too good to resist. But, surprisingly, women commit crimes at a higher rate (34%). 

Heartburn prevents people from appreciating their favorite food 

Although over two-thirds (63%) of people say that having the worst reflux in their lives would’ve been good if they consumed their favorite meals, just 47% of people say that having heartburn prevents them from appreciating particular foods. Around 70% of participants who identified as millennials (ages 25–41) or Gen Z (18–25) find this to be particularly true.

TUMS Brand Director Amy Sharon said, “Many of Americans’ most-loved foods, like pizza, fried chicken and meatballs and spaghetti can unfortunately lead to heartburn. But with a trusty mealtime companion that provides fast relief, heartburn sufferers can dive in and love their favorite foods back.”