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New research unveiled vaping doesn’t assist a person in quitting tobacco smoking. When it comes to smoking, many see vaping as a healthier option than smoking cigarettes. However, researchers say consumers of both products are likely to execute the two. Nandita Krishnan, the lead researcher, says the study reveals vaping may not assist people in quitting their smoking habit at a population level. She explains further that a user of both products has a greater health risk. The reason behind this being nicotine is more addictive. A consumer of both vaping and smoking tobacco should work towards quitting both.

Studies reveal that a smoker should quit as it is vital to their health. Vaping and smoking are detrimental to a person’s health and could result in a habit too. People who carry on with both are likely to go on for a very long period.

Some respondents continued smoking after vaping

An analysis published in a journal referred to as Tobacco Control contained details of the study. In addition, it reveals the participants were both regular users of vaping and tobacco smoking. However, the six-year study concluded that the most unusual behavior was that most participants quit vaping initially but went on smoking tobacco. It was evident out of 4 in 10 participants. In addition, only 1 in 10 stopped both products, while 1 in 7 went on with both products.

Conclusions researchers made after the study

The study’s findings reveal that smoking less could assist a user in quitting both vaping and smoking tobacco. The study’s writer suggests that limiting the frequency of smoking nicotine could result in a user turning to vape. E-cigarettes contain flavorings, a liquid substance with nicotine, and additional chemicals. Vaping does not necessarily assist a smoker in keeping off cigarettes eventually. Another 2015 study revealed smokers managed to quit smoking tobacco after substituting it with vaping. However, this only continued for three to six months before the smokers reverted to smoking tobacco. Some health effects of vaping are shortness of breath, irritation in the throat, and dry cough. The study shows that smokers should find other healthier methods to quit smoking, as vaping might not be useful.