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A recent survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of TGI Fridays reported that accomplishing the little things can alter a person’s outlook for the day. These small victories include completing a TV series on their watch list or finding money from an old jacket. 

The study focused on a target group of 2,004 Americans. Researchers were trying to investigate the impact of minor successes in a person’s life. The authors revealed that four in five Americans have been more conscious of the little wins since the pandemic. 

However, 85% of Millennials are grateful for the small victories and now have a higher awareness of little successes than 64% of baby boomers. The study also highlighted that the Average person experiences at least four minor victories a day or 1,460 every year. 

The importance of celebrating the little achievements 

The study authors reported that 87% of the respondents view these crucial wins as motivation for the day’s rest. Additionally, 90% of the participants find a purpose from minor successes. This number included about 75% of baby boomers. 

58% of Gen X and 59% of millennials are very enthusiastic about listening to new music for the first moment and partaking in other relaxing activities. In addition, a few of the baby boomers like finishing chores such as decorating their homes for the holiday seasons. 

The baby boomers revealed that household chores are the most frequent and satisfying forms of little wins that one can achieve. Nine out of ten respondents believe minor successes positively impact their mental health. In addition, 92% explored various means of maintaining personal hygiene, while 87% believe that recognizing little wins is a perfect form of self-care. 

Americans should celebrate no matter how small the victory

The respondents highlighted activities that they thought were worth celebrating, such as paying off a bill or getting sweet surprises like a free cup of coffee. In addition, the study emphasized that it is worth celebrating no matter how minor the achievement is. 

This revelation supported, 83% of the respondents stated that celebrating a minor success turns a bad day into an amazing one.