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Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center has discovered that smokers who switch to vaping every day when they have no intent to quit smoking are more likely to stop. The researchers published their findings in the JAMA Network Open.

How researchers conducted the study

The researchers used data from the Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health (PATH) Study, which took place between 2014 and 2019. This study looked into the impact of tobacco on the health of Americans.

The team zeroed in on 1600 participants who used traditional cigarettes and didn’t plan to stop. They realized that when this group switched to using daily, their chance of quitting was higher than those who used traditional cigarettes.

According to the lead author on the PATH Study and a Chair for Health Behavior, Roswell Park, Andrew Hyland, this study stands out from others that look into how vaping can help people quit smoking. The reason is that this study focuses on people with no intention to quit while others look into those who want to stop smoking.

Those who don’t intend to quit are at the highest risk

Hyland adds that by focusing only on people who plan to quit, scientists call to investigate the benefits of vaping properly. Moreover, people who don’t plan to quit are at the highest risk of developing diseases caused by smoking. As a result, these findings could help people with no intention to quit as vaping is relatively better for their health.

While some daily smokers did not quit smoking altogether, they began to smoke less frequently. Around 6% of the volunteers smoking traditional combustible cigarettes stopped utterly.  About 28% of those who switched to vaping could stop smoking when they were smoked e-cigarettes every day.

The researchers tried to account for other factors such as the number of cigarettes volunteers initially smoked, ethnicity, gender, income, and educational background. Despite this, there was stilla strong indication that calling helped the participants quit smoking.

A researcher in the Department of Health Behavior at Roswell Park, Karin Kasza, numerous studies have shown that people who start vaping have an easier time when it comes to quitting. However, these results have been difficult to replicate in the real world due to mixed results.