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A recent survey highlighted that millennials and Gen Z members prefer houseplants to new puppies. Additionally, the Poll conducted by Craft Jack in October 2021 revealed that several young adults view their growing plant collections as actual pets. 

The Survey focused on 1,111 Americans who own houseplants to discover which species is famous. The survey authors also determined how much money people spend on plants and the rate at which people humanize them. 

How researchers carried out the poll

The Respondents ranged from 18-68 years old, and survey authors tabulated the average of 30 years. The Survey revealed that the classic houseplant owner has at least four plants in their houses or apartments. 

The Survey reported that succulents are the most famous house plants in the U.S. Several Americans believe they are cute. In addition, succulents don’t take up much space and are purchased reasonably. 

Monsteras delicious, the tropical Swiss cheese plant, is social media’s most famous plant. A third of the Respondents preferred purchasing houseplants over gardening as it is less work and easier to look after. 

Tending to plants is considered the most inexpensive pastime compared to other hobbies such as raising pets. The houseplants’ hobby spends at least 75% annually on plant or plant-related accessories such as fertilizers. 

House plants improved mental health for the participants

50% of the Respondents revealed that the growth of houseplants had a positive spin on their mental health during the pandemic. Bringing a positive impact, one in three plant owners believe that owning a plant is more beneficial to a person’s overall health than meditation. 

The Survey revealed that young adults are more likely to own plants during the pandemic, thereby contributing to creating the green footprint. In addition, 63% of the young adults claim that their love of growing plants began during the pandemic. 

35% of the single Respondents revealed that they would not be interested in a person who didn’t own a plant. However, other Respondents admitted to liking the idea of naming their plants after celebrities such as Keanu Leaves, Fernie Sanders, and Edgar Aloe Poe, among others.