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Mental health has become a significant global problem, especially with the pandemic. While there are many ways to deal with mental health disorders like stress, anxiety, and depression, there is still a stigma. This makes it difficult for someone with problems to seek help from a friend or a therapist.

How researchers conducted the study 

Fortunately, a study from Edith Cowan University has found that virtual reality (VR) could help people afraid to seek help for their mental health problems. The study realized that about 30% of people afraid to seek professional help could speak to a VR avatar. This move would allow even more people to get treatment for mental health.

The team used body and face capture technology to create a human-like avatar that still looks different enough to make people comfortable. They found that 30% of their volunteers preferred this model to a human being when it came to therapy.

However, researchers emphasize that this avatar could not wholly replace therapy. It should instead be supplementary. Moreover, therapists can use such avatars to reach out to clients who live far. Therapists can also use them with patients afraid to seek in-person therapy.

Experts warn that it is crucial to advise loved ones with mental health problems to seek therapy. The reason is that many mental health problems could have lethal ends. Seeking help could prevent people from harmony themselves or others.

Treatment for mental health disorders 

There are many ways to treat mental health disorders. The first step is typically talk therapy, where patients meet up with a therapist to help them identify and address their problems. Another form of treatment is cognitive behavior therapy and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing.

In some cases, psychiatrists could recommend medical intervention. Medications to treat mental health are antidepressants, anxiolytics, and antipsychotics. In severe cases, they could recommend in-patient programs.

Identifying signs of mental health problems in a loved one is not always straightforward. The reason is that signs can often be subtle. Furthermore, there are different levels of severity to each mental disorder. For this reason, you should be aware of how different illnesses can manifest. In addition, many mental health disorders present differently in different sexes.