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A survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Crystal Head Vodka examined Americans on their attitudes on vacations. The study of 2000 Americans over 21 found that the participants wanted more than a one-week vacation, and 7 out of 10 felt they would take a pay cut for a two-week vacation.

Americans admit to finally being themselves on vacation

The researchers found that 45% were willing to take a bath with ice-cold water just for a vacation. Another 43% said they would work weekends for a year, and 38% were willing to give up holidays for the same duration. About 1/3 said they were happiest on vacation.

Of the participants, 64% said they were more outgoing than usual when in the correct social setting such as vacations or parties, with 52% claiming not to recognise themselves in such environments.

The participants noted that when on vacation, 53% laugh more, 54% spend more cash and 57% eat exotic food. Another 50% said they welcome these changes because they can relax and be themselves.

Americans change drink preferences with seasons and circumstances

About 3 in 5 respondents think vacations are a good time to enjoy cocktails. Some will have an alcohol budget (45%) though more (65%) would spend more money than they usually would have on alcohol while vacationing.

According to Dan Aykroyd, the founder of Crystal Head Vodka, after the chaotic year, people need a vacation to help them recharge, reset and escape.

Researchers found that 65% of the participants drank according to their situation. Another 61% said they have different drinking preferences each season.

While at home, they preferred simpler cocktails such as vodka cranberries (26%), vodka sodas (29%), and gin and tonics (32%). However, while at parties and social events, they tended to take ‘classic’ drinks. These include old fashioned beverages (23%), French 75s (24%), and martinis (30%). Participants went for exotic drinks while vacationing, with 15% taking daiquiris, 28% taking tequila sunrises, and 32% going for Moscow mules.

Aykroyd adds that taking the right alcoholic drinks responsibly and in the right setting can enhance your mood, especially on vacation.