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A survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Nature’s Way has found that many Americans will keep up their healthy habits during the winter. The study of 2000 Americans shows that 82% of them exercise and keep other healthy habits.

Americans with healthy habits responded differently to illness

About 80% of the respondents believed that their bodies should be treated as a temple. The respondents take several measures to maintain their health, such as using supplements (56%), eating healthy (61%), and jogging (70%).

Researchers found that participants who didn’t take care of their bodies had an average of 15 good days a month. Those who took care of their bodies had 18 good days a month compared to the average American who had 17 good days.

Some participants who maintained a healthy lifestyle began to prepare for winter in September (20%). However, those who didn’t feel unprepared for winter (42%).

The residents with healthy lifestyles took five days a month during winter to revert to their usual selves after an illness. This number was high compared to the two days a month which people with no healthy habits took. For you to get back to normal, you could try taking Sambucus supplements with herbal ingredients, including elderberry extract and South African Geranium root extract

Americans used homeopathic methods to stay healthy 

About 68% knew they needed to put more work into caring for their lives during winter. For this reason, 63% would go for homeopathic methods or supplements before opting for over-the-counter drugs.

Respondents use various holistic approaches to take care of their bodies. The most popular ones are changes in their diet (47%), using supplements (59%), and taking warm tea (62%). Another 63% would change their diet when they were unwell. About 58% took more vegetables and fruits when sick.

Nearly 81% of the respondents focused on feeling healthy during the winter. Therefore, they went as far as trying new methods to feel good. They took things such as elderberries (24%), Zinc (29%), Vitamin D (46%), and Vitamin C (57%).

About 59% began taking supplements and vitamins when they fell sick, while 62% took them every day.