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OnePoll conducted a survey on behalf of LG Electronics that looked into Americans’ cleaning habits. The study of 2000 Americans found that people clean their comes approximately seven times a month. Moreover, they did deep cleaning five times every month.

Respondents characterized cleaning with tasks such as wiping the tables (65%), washing dishes (68%), and mopping (71%). Deep cleaning, on the other hand, included cleaning the toilet (41%), bathtub (50%), and windows (53%).

Americans do different times at different times

Researchers also found that the participants preferred to clean on Saturday morning. Furthermore, they ranked Sunday nights and Monday morning as the worst times to clean.

The participants also chose to do certain chores during different times. For example, they cleaned the cooking area (31%), did laundry and folded clothes (32%), washing the dishes (35%) at night.

The chores participants preferred to do throughout the day included mopping (33%), scrubbing the toilet (34%), and vacuuming (40%). About 1 in 3 believed that they could do chores such as cleaning the cooking area (27%), washing dishes (31%), vacuuming (31%), and laundry (33%) any time.

Americans believe mopping their floors is essential

About 6 in 10 of the respondents considered having a clean floor as the most crucial task. About 62% preferred to have a lot of laundry and dishes than have a dirty floor. Clean floors are especially vital to pet owners (63%) and parents (56%).

According to LG Electronics’ head of marketing for home appliances, Gail Conroy, a stick vacuum could simplify cleaning floors for Americans who value convenience. However, some stick vacuums are superior to others. For this reason, customs want a stick vacuum that caters to their needs.

Conroy adds that people will be motivated to do their chores if they have products that make cleaning less tiresome. Therefore the equipment available for cleaning floors should make working convenient.

About two in three of the participants experience euphoria after cleaning. Another 66% will or relax until their homes are clean. Moreover, 77% said they got their parents’ cleaning habits, with 78% adopting their parent’s cleaning methods.

Nearly 7 in 10 of the respondents felt satisfied with having clean floors. Another 51% asked their guests to take off their shoes to keep the floors clean.