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OnePoll conducted a study on behalf of HelloFresh that found that Americans believed cooking for their partners was more intimate than sex. The poll of 2000 Americans found that 79% of respondents beloved cooking is the way to their partners’ hearts 

Americans considered cooking very vital to their relationships, with 43% ending things because their partners wasn’t a good cook. Researchers also found that 75% of respondents were more willing to go on a date with someone who knew how to cook.

Americans believed food determined if a date went well

Cooking skills were something respondents looked for in a partner other than humor and kindness. Moreover, the participants considered romance and food to be intertwined. For example, 65% believed that a bad meal on a date would mean that the date wouldn’t be good. About 72% believed good food would mean the date would also be good.

While the respondents preferred dates that could cook, they also observed their behavior when they ate out. They considered it a bad sign when their dates chewed with open mouths (52%) and were rude to restaurant staff (56%). Another 47% didn’t like when their dates ate from their plates without permission, overindulged in cocktails (26%), and tipped poorly (27%).

Cooking for a partner signified a more serious relationship

The participants stated that it took time for them to agree to eat at a date’s home and slightly longer to host their dates. About 78% of women and 85% of men believed cooking for their partners in their homes signified the seriousness of the relationship.

About 78% felt their cooking improved after inviting their date to their homes. Another 67% felt they were less likely to eat out after they’d invited their date to their homes, while another 58% preferred the arrangements as it enables them to spend more time with their dates.

According to the Culinary Innovation Director at HelloFresh, Kristin Bryan, cooking together can be a good way for couples to bond. For this reason, she advises that couples try preparing meals together.

Bryan adds that she appreciates how 48% of the respondents reported how their cooking had improved since they began using meal kits from HelloFresh. The company believes that cooking should be a fun activity and strives to make it an enjoyable experience through its meal plans.