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A recent survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of the Joy Of Plants reported that several people show themselves differently while in the privacy of their residence. The study also revealed that several adults were having complete conversations with items that couldn’t respond. 

The survey focused on a target population of 2,000 adults in the U.K., and more than half of the respondents admitted to having routine conversations with inanimate objects in their apartments. 44% of the Respondents revealed that they carried out discussions with the houseplants present in their house. 

Respondents talk to inanimate objects due to frustration

Several of the respondents admitted that their conversations with inanimate objects resulted from frustrations due to a house appliance failing to do its job. The situations include; coffee maker failing to turn on or when the remote control stops. 

24% of the respondents revealed that they once yelled at their alarm clock to shut up, and 20% admitted to begging their vehicle to keep going while fuel was low. 

 However, several respondents admit that most of the conversations they had with inanimate objects resulted from a function the appliance performed, such as verbally thanking the ATM for dispensing their cash.  

A few of the respondents have had embarrassing encounters with other human beings while talking to themselves or the inanimate objects. Six out of ten were, at some point, ridiculed for such meetings, while the rest were convincing enough to be crazy. 

Talking to plants can be therapeutic 

Michael Perry, a houseplant expert working with the Joy Of Plants, recently revealed that plants enjoy the vibrations of people talking to or near them and grow as a result. He added that plants respond strongly to voices in the range of 115-240hz. 

The study authors reiterated Perry’s remarks that men’s voices are around 85-155hz and women’s voices are around 165-255hz, perfect for the plant’s range. In addition, 40% of the respondents believed that giving their plants pep talks aid in their plant’s growth, and 37% feel relieved after conversing with their plants. Comments such as getting big are everyday things plant owners tell their plants.