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A recent study conducted by OnePoll and commissioned by Nutrisystem revealed that a handful of Americans request assistance before handling a new circumstance. The team enquired from several Americans how they deal with something new and when they think it’s appropriate to request help in such circumstances.

Some Americans don’t seek assistance until they are at a point of no return, thus increasing being overwhelmed. The study authors also revealed that a few individuals never seek assistance, thus increasing the rate at which they flop on a project.

Many Americans were going through a weight loss journey

The authors focused on a target group of 2,000 respondents and interviewed them on the moments that each would seek assistance while starting something new. For example, specific circumstances, such as weight loss, require the assistance and support of a close one, therefore overcoming various love hurdles. In addition, every new year, the average American bases their resolutions on weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.

Several Americans revealed that they were keen on shedding at least 14 pounds before the end of 2022. However, the study authors also inquired why the respondents hadn’t started their weight loss journeys in the previous years. In response, the respondents blamed the impact of not working out on various factors, including loss of motivation.

In addition, a few of the respondents believed that lack of sufficient equipment and a support system altered their motivation to exercise.

People require help before embarking on a new goal

Courtney McCormick,  manager of Clinical Research and Nutrition at Nutrisystem, stated that attaining specific goals with sufficient support boosts the person’s confidence. She added that everyone in the world, including the most innovative individuals, requires assistance before attempting something new.

McCormick added that support is a crucial factor that a person requires even though the task isn’t as meaningful as expected.

The beauty of supporting loved ones only requires a person to witness the moment and issue as much advice as possible. Other ways to show support include remaining positive even when there is no need to be and sharing the experiences with loved ones.