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For a long time, scientists have been concerned about the effect of social media on the brain. This concern has increased with the use of TikTok. Scientists have coined a term known as TikTok brain to explain the effect of the platform on the brain.

TikTok is a social media platform known for its short video formats. A study has shown that constantly watching these videos could lower the attention span in adults. After this study, researchers set out to find how TikTok brain affected children.

Researchers show that TikTok brain affects Children

Experts have found that TikTok has the same effect on children’s brains. Some parents now complain that their children find movies too slow and can’t finish them. Others say their children have difficulty focusing on their homework or reading books.

Scientists have compared watching TikTok to letting children live in a candy store. They both create a dopamine rush which can be addictive and make it more difficult to adjust to enjoy less exciting activities. Watching TikTok videos can soon become the focus of a child’s life due to the gratification they receive from it.

Surprisingly, researchers haven’t found this association in other social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. Children who need these apps did not have the same reduced attention span as those using TikTok.

Parents should reduce the time their children spend on TikTok

Experts now advise parents to reduce the amount of time their children spend on the platform. They could replace their screen time with family activities or play dates to heal their brains.

Parents should create a strict screen schedule. This move would strengthen their resilience and help enhance the relaxation centres of the brain, thus improving their attention span. It will also help their children lower their dependency on the platform.

Fortunately, parents can control their children’s screen time remotely to ensure they don’t watch anything unsupervised. Parents could use apps that turn off their children’s apps when their time limit is achieved. Parents should also insist that children don’t go to bed with their electronics.

These moves would help parents reduce the effect TikTok has on their children.