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Approximately 55% of American adults (55%) yearn to be children again, and as a result, many of them engage in summer activities they did as kids.

Over 50% of seniors love ice cream 

According to a 2,000-person poll conducted in the United States for National Ice Cream Month in July, individuals most love playing outside (45%), going on family trips (43%), and eating plenty of ice cream (39%). As established by the research, 39 of the participants still consume ice cream, including 53 percent of those who are 77 years old or older.

Additionally, people have no problems with playing around with ice cream. People’s answers to the question of what the strangest toppings they’ve ever tasted ranged from bacon bits, avocado, and green beans to sweet pickles, mayonnaise and ketchup, and even squid ink!

Bike riding and lounging by the pool all day are other summertime pastimes that people have kept into adulthood (35% each). Millennials preferred outdoor or backyard games, while Gen Zers preferred water balloon fights (42% vs. 37% for other age groups).

Increased outside time results in a clearer, relaxed mind (53%), family holidays bring back fond memories of childhood travel (51%), and the opportunity to share summertime customs with one’s own family (50%). Eating ice cream (34%), taking road trips with family (31%), riding a bike (29%), and blowing bubbles (29%) are activities that help people tap into their inner child.

American adults wish to relieve their childhood experiences 

In order to relive their favorite summertime experiences with their children, parents often choose to go swimming (27%), have a barbeque (27%), eat ice cream collectively (27%), or go on family holidays or road trips (27%). In general, people believe that eating ice cream transports them back to their ten-year-old selves. Additionally, eating ice cream makes people feel content (34%), calm (30%), and joyful (36%).

Desserts from the summertime, including ice cream cake and ice cream, are a sharable custom that unites generations. Around 41% of adults remember their first time chewing into an ice cream cake, regardless of their age.