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A recent study conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Eat Just Inc revealed that the most stressful holiday is the cooking for guests with different taste buds and diets. The survey focused on a target population of 1000 millennials and 1,000 baby boomers. 

Things that Americans find stressful during the holidays

The study reported that 46% of the respondents believe that preparing a meal for choosy palettes or diets is more stressful than the other guests. The study authors noted that this revelation peaked their list of things that increased stress levels for the respondents. Other topics included attempting to eat healthy, purchasing the right gift, and traveling. 

 The study revealed that when it comes to preparing meals for picky eaters, more millennials crack under pressure than baby boomers. However, several respondents believed that they had created the perfect dish for the holidays. The ideal holiday dish contains healthy ingredients that are good for the environment. 

The perfect dish was supported by millennials more than the boomers. When inquiring, most respondents stated that their ideal meal contains whole grains, plant-based products, and less sugar. 71% of millennials plan to create plant-based versions of traditional dishes to enjoy the holidays. However, only a third of the baby boomers found the idea intriguing. The study revealed that both generations opt to make plant-based foods this year.

How the food industry has affected holiday meals 

The study authors also asked the respondents how they plan to go green during the holidays; 43% of the Respondents stated that they will eat in tiny portions while 32% intend to start eating plant-based diets compared to the past years. 

Josh Tetrick, co-founder and CEO of Eat just and creator of Just Egg, recently stated that obtaining ingredients that satisfy a range of diets is never easy. However, Tetrick thanked the food industry’s breakthrough saying that diets are accessible and delicious. 

The new diets satisfy a range of people from keto to low-carb diets, and there are several products available to people across the globe. In addition, the latest revolution in the food industry makes the holidays better and easier to deal.