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Perhaps more than most realize, the notion that British folks have poor teeth is true. According to a recent survey, roughly four out of ten young adults nationwide only brush their teeth less once per week.

Millennials are inclined to skip brushing their teeth or a whole week

In the dental financial services firm Hive poll, 39% of individuals aged 25 to 34 skip brushing their teeth for an entire week. In addition, more than 30% of participants confessed that they frequently just don’t remember to brush. According to scientists, the results support the idea that several people frequently neglect their dental hygiene when concentrating on other health problems.

However, 63% of subjects in this age category report that they wash their teeth at least thrice per day. Therefore not every millennial is neglecting their oral health. This is encouraging because prior research indicates that brushing regularly reduces heart failure risk by 13% and arrhythmia by 10%.

Not only younger folks neglect their oral hygiene, but even older adults. According to the survey, 36% of individuals aged 35 to 44 had never tried mouthwash! This is unfortunate for many British people out on dates because 36% of people claim to notice somebody’s breath as soon as they meet them.

Almost 30% of respondents admitted to sharing a toothbrush

Even while many adults take care of their teeth, the survey shows that many should cut back on restroom sharing. Around  28% of people admitted to sharing their toothbrush with another individual at least once. The same amount of people claim they share their toothbrushes daily at home!

Researchers point out that dentists advise against doing this since sharing a brush might cause gum disease to spread to other people. In addition, you don’t wish to put someone else’s filth and germs, which are common on toothbrushes, in your mouth.

While a quarter of people might share a toothbrush, it appears that many Brits don’t tell their pals their dentist’s phone number. Not having a hygienist is a response given by a third of respondents.