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On Friday, stocks rose with minimum gains amidst tensions surrounding Italy’s budget. The shares such as Dow Jones Industrial Average advanced by 44 points and gained 1 percent whereas S&P 500 rose up by 0.2 percent. The Nasdaq Composite also climbed 0.1 percent.

The index of major shares was lower as compared to their earlier gains. The United States and Canada have not reached any firm decision regarding the NAFTA deal in spite of the deadline of September 30 that is approaching rapidly.

Robert Pulitzer reported on the last Tuesday that the States is ready to move further with a new trade deal with Mexico without the involvement of Canada. While on Wednesday, Trump spoke that they are unhappy and did not like the representative (Freeland) who came for the meeting regarding trade negotiations for the NAFTA deal.

Shares were even lower due to the downfall of European markets after the Italian budget came into being. The budget is three times its target as planned earlier by the government.

The major stock of European stocks, Stoxx 600 index traded down by 0.7 percent whereas FTSE MIB index of Italy dropped 4 percent down. The Dax of Germany fell down in 1.4 percent and CAC 40 of France went 0.8 percent down.

As Larry McDonald, The Bear Traps Report’s editor and the head at ACG Analytics remarked that the budget deficit might be worse as compared to the market expectations but still not the worst-case scenario. This target set by the government put them under “the breach of its obligations” says McDonald.

So, European markets remained lower after the budget plan of Italy came out as three times higher than the planned one. Due to this, overall markets have not performed well on Friday and gains were overall capped.