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South Korea has confirmed the new 223 coronavirus cases since Friday. The total number of coronavirus cases in the nation has surged to 556. According to the authorities, the new cases are traced to a religious group close to the southeastern city of Daegu and a hospital in Cheongdo. Sye Kyun, the prime minister of South Korea, in a televised address to the nation, said the situation is critical. He urged the people to cooperate with the instructions of the government to contain the virus.

Kwon Young-jin, the mayor of Daegu, said the crisis level in North Gyeongsang province and Daegu is critical and urged people in that region to remain indoors. He also instructed Shincheonji members, who notice the symptoms of coronavirus, to come forward and get screened. If you hide the disease, you will hurt your family members and your health.

Four patients died in South Korea

South Korea has confirmed the death of four coronavirus infected patients. The number of deaths expects to climb in the days to come. People in the Daegu have abandoned the most streets. South Korea has declared Cheongdo and Daegu areas as special care zones.

The largest number of confirmed infections

South Korea is the second nation to report the highest number of coronavirus infections after China. The disease control and prevention centers in the nation have placed over 9,000 members in self-quarantine. They have also screened thousands of worshippers for coronavirus.

The number of infections in the nation has almost doubled in a single day on Saturday. It raises questions about the management of the crisis. South Korea has tested 22,633 suspected patients for coronavirus. The total number of people tested negative for coronavirus is 16,038.

South Korea has reported the first case of coronavirus on January 20, 2020, from a Chinese woman originated from the epicenter of the virus – Wuhan. The 31st patient, who is believed to have spread the virus in the nation, has attended the worship services in the Shincheonji church.

Death toll in China increases to 2,442

The death toll in China because of coronavirus has increased to 2,442 on Sunday. It has also reported 648 new cases. The total infections in the nation have reached 76,936.