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Bananas are among the fruits grown in several jurisdictions across the globe, thus awarding them the fourth most crucial and priceless crop worldwide. The consumption of bananas offers the human body several health advantages due to its composition of high potassium and Vitamin B6, among other nutrients. Combining these nutrients and the sweetness enables consumers to forget the number of nutrients consumed with each banana.

Various institutes, including the World Health Organization (WHO), advised people to consume at least 400g of fruits and vegetables every day. The addition of consuming bananas to this recommended amount improves the supply of good fruits and results in good health. Previous studies detailed the number of nutrients present in a banana and published the results in several media publications, including Healthline.

Health advantages attached to the consumption of bananasĀ 

As highlighted earlier, every banana is rich in certain nutrients such as Fibre, Fat, and Vitamin D, among others. Bananas are also incredible origins of various vitamins and minerals, including the adequate amount of Dietary allowance, and possess the necessary compounds that decrease certain illnesses like inflammation. Several consumers are not aware of the advantages of potassium in their system. Studies by health physicians indicate that potassium is among the important nutrients that the system requires to enhance various bodily functions.

These functions include creating electrical charges required to ensure that the human body functions effectively. A publication remitted by the Original by David stated that the fruit creates good dents in the need for the mineral as it comprises 900mg of it. Other health publications disclosed that a person requires at least 3,500 to 4,700 mg of potassium each day; thus, the consumption of bananas can effectively lead to the RDA levels in the body.

The discussion of placing a limit on banana consumption

Live science recently explained why it was necessary to consume two pieces of bananas each day. The publication revealed that the advantages include; maintaining healthy bones and protection against malignant illnesses, including cancer. If consumed in moderation, the fruit will not show any great side effects. Unfortunately, consuming several bananas can lead to side effects such as headaches and illnesses such as hyperkalemia. The significance consuming two bananas a day is a healthy option. However, individuals who use beta-blockers should be careful with their consumption.