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Teeth whitening is a growing trend today as people want to brighten their smiles. Some continuous advances and innovations have revolutionized the process by preserving tooth structure, enhancing aesthetics, and reducing hypersensitivity.

Most tooth whitening predicts the uses of peroxide-based bleaching agents and one product that has captured the attention of several consumers is Snow Teeth Whitening. The kit employs a unique formula in whitening teeth for those that want to remove stains from their teeth without causing hypersensitivity. If you are interested in teeth whitening then this revolutionary product is just for you.

Snow Teeth Whitening revolutionizing teeth whitening

If you have been struggling with teeth whitening products the Snow Teeth Whitening could be what will whiten your smile. The product has a 99% satisfaction review with some customers achieving whiter teeth with a single-use. Interestingly it can work even with individuals with stained teeth after years of smoking, wine, and coffee.

The kit has an LED mouthpiece and whitening serum that takes around 21 minutes per day for 21 weeks to achieve the desired results. The brand is convenient and comfortable compared to other office treatment and whitening products.  It comes with Desensitizing Serum which customers can use to minimize side effects.

Most importantly it comes in two kits that include the limited Wireless teeth Whitening System and Snow At-Home Teeth Whitening All-in0One Kit.  It is easy to use either and one should avoid coffee, wine, and soda after whitening.

How Snow Teeth Whitening works and how much does it cost

It comes with a serum gel that one brushes onto their teeth and then activates the LED mouthpiece. The product is safe for all types of teeth including those with sensitivity, major dental work, and braces. The kit is effective in removing coffee and wine stains and results can be seen as early as four days.

The Wireless teeth Whitening System uses wireless chare to kill germs and it costs around $400 while the Snow At-Home Teeth Whitening All-In-One Kit costs around $149 and has 75 treatments worth of product.