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According to a newly released study, 48% of the study participants revealed that they sleep with their phones next to them.

 A Tech Like This report indicated that several people who stated they didn’t sleep close to their phones nonetheless admitted to leaving them on a table adjacent to or near their beds. The worrying thing is that none of these two practices is beneficial to one’s health. Numerous studies support keeping the phone away from the bed, whether the user is an adolescent or an adult.

Sleeping with your phone near you affects sleep quality and quantity 

Data from peer-reviewed studies reveals mobile phones could be the primary factor for those who have trouble falling asleep, experience insomnia, or have trouble staying awake throughout the day.

According to a review of 20 studies, there’s substantial evidence that using an electronic device before bed, especially a mobile phone, might lead to poorer quantity and quality of sleep and daytime sleepiness. Meaning that you are more likely to fall asleep less soundly if your phone is at arm’s length of the bed.

This has an impact on one’s capacity for thought and daytime performance. To be clear, these outcomes hold even if the individuals slept without using their phones. Even having a cell phone nearby can raise the likelihood of having a bad night’s sleep. Sleep is crucial for children’s physical, cognitive, and biopsychosocial development.

People use their phones immediately after they wake up 

The impact of portable devices and mobile media on sleep quality is quite alarming, according to a Globe NewsWire report. Many people discover that they use their smartphones as soon as they wake up each morning and as soon as they lie down for the night. Although it is challenging to quit this customary practice, it is detrimental to one’s mental and physical health and sleep hygiene.

 The concerns are alarming, which has led mobile phone manufacturers to create night settings for your phone. But, unfortunately, such night settings as the iPhone Night Shift have done little to enhance sleep quality.