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In the past few years, colleges and universities from around the world have created courses about the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. While this digital currency has been driving critics and advocates crazy, cryptocurrency is slowly making its way to schools around the world. But, the real question remains, should the concepts and ideas of cryptocurrencies be taught to school-going children?

Younger generations attracted by Bitcoin knowledge

Students from all around the world have become interested in cryptocurrencies and the subject is now being taught in several college campuses. Cryptocurrency and blockchain-related courses have been a part of the curriculum in several colleges in California, Pennsylvania, Stanford, and New York.

But, this trend is now finding its way to the textbooks of the younger generation, who are absolutely fascinated by this technology. It has been reported that students from a certain high school in Australia decided to create a cryptocurrency information night.

A course in cryptocurrency?

In another incident, students of Union Catholic High School (New Jersey) were so curious about cryptocurrencies that the school administration decided to add a digital currency course from the next semester itself.  The school has now included a business course as an elective subject that teaches subjects like investments, finance, entrepreneurship, etc.

On a broader aspect, the new courses on cryptocurrency have already started and discussed topics like the history of cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, etc. The whole idea of introducing a course in cryptocurrency began in Union Catholic High School when a few students wanted to know more about the establishment of digital currencies and its possible implications on the world today.

Students at Union Catholic are already taking a liking to the new course. There are some students who have previously invested in cryptocurrency. Since the school has always been ahead when it comes to new technology, hence teaching digital currencies was the next logical step.

Union Catholic High School is just one of the schools in America that is excited about the new cryptocurrency course and believes that they are looking forward to the future. Students all over America are now beginning to talk about cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology. Hence, the school system has to teach them about it.

Should Cryptocurrency be incorporated in the school curriculum?

Several cryptocurrency experts have said that by introducing study courses on cryptocurrency and blockchain, schools would further promote and enhance programming skills to the next generations because the blockchain platforms are based on and built of programming languages like Python, C++, and Java. Therefore, it should become a compulsory area of study. But, some experts have also said that since cryptocurrency has a highly volatile nature, it should not be taught in-depth at the school level for now.

Currently, it is unsure if school curriculums of the US and other countries will include cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology as study courses. But, to make sure that young students get financial lessons based on cryptocurrency, a new informative and unbiased curriculum has been introduced, which is an extensive collection of articles that promote awareness about the latest developments in the world of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.