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Many Sci-fi movies have played around with the idea of reversing the aging process for years. But can you really reverse the effects of aging in less than two months without using any drugs? As much as this sounds far-fetched, a new study finds that people can actually significantly reverse the aging process through lifestyle changes and a simple diet.

DNA methylation process

In a clinical trial, scientists discovered that balancing DNA methylation reduced participants’ biological age by three years in just eight weeks. Researchers observed that aging is one of the main drivers of chronic disease. As a result, turning back a person’s DNA clock can help them stay healthy and live longer.

Essentially, DNA methylation is a process that turns off genes. The researchers describe methylation as the pattern of accumulating damage leading to a more significant loss of cell function. The stress of aging and ailments causes this damage.

Over eight weeks, the researchers observed the results of a treatment program focusing on diet, exercise, sleep, relaxation guidance, and supplemental probiotics and phytonutrients. The randomized controlled study involved 43 healthy male participants aged between 50 and 72. Results revealed that committing to lifestyle changes significantly reduced the biological aging of cells.

Kara Fitzgerald, the lead study author, says in a media release that the combined intervention program was aimed at a specific biological mechanism known as DNA methylation and, in particular, the methylation patterns that have been associated with biological aging.

Fitzgerald adds that they suspect that this focus was the reason for the study’s massive success. These early results appear to be consistent with and even extend the few existing studies on the potential for biological age reversal. The unique fact that it uses a safe, non-pharmaceutical dietary and lifestyle approach only increases its importance. The researchers are now gathering a larger group for a similar study which they expect will produce collaborating results.

Possible applications of the findings

Moshe Szyf, McGill University’s leading epigeneticist, adds that this natural approach to de-aging the body only targets the methylation process. However, the professor also observes that the results could lead to additional therapies targeting the body’s genetic makeup without resorting to medications.